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Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air conditioning


Heating with reverse cycle is regarded as the most efficient form of heating available.

  • Quiet to operate

  • Constant temperature is good for asthma sufferers, babies and the elderly

  • Air conditioners filter the air so you can enjoy pollution-reduced air

  • No open flames, makes it safe for families with children

  • The only form of heating that can also keep you cool on those hot days


There are many options of reverse cycle units and there is sure to be a model that best suits your home or office. The most common unit is the split system. Simply this means the air-conditioner separated with one indoor unit and one outdoor unit and the two are connected with pipe work and cabling.


The different styles of split systems are:


Wall mounted split


Wall mounted split system is the most typical, with many models to choose from. Ideally it is installed high on an external wall which allows for the pipe work and drainage to exit through the wall behind the unit and connected to the outdoor unit either directly below at ground level or bracketed high on the wall. Standard installation is with the outdoor unit directly behind the indoor unit location; alternatively the outdoor unit may be installed within approximately 30 metres from indoor unit.

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Ceiling cassette


Ceiling cassette is still a split system with the indoor unit fitting neatly into the ceiling with a fascia allowing return air through the centre of the unit and distributing supply air via four slotted louvres. The louvres allow air to be directed four ways in either a pre-set or sweep pattern. As a cassette is installed into the ceiling it does not require an external wall location. A cassette system is often used in a commercial situation as it can efficiently condition a large area. The outdoor unit may be installed within approximately 30 metres from indoor unit either at ground level or on brackets on an outside wall.

Multi split system


Evaporative air conditioning


Ducted split systems have one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, with the indoor unit mounted concealed in the ceiling space. Ducting is attached to deliver air to individual rooms and diffusers. The air returns to the indoor units via a return air grille mounted in the ceiling with an easy access for cleaning the filter. Ductwork allows flexibility to suit any home or building layout. Day and night zones may be added to allow a choice of rooms for day living areas and night time zones.

Ducted split system


Multi split system is a split system with one outdoor unit connected to more than one indoor unit. Various options and combinations are available using wall mounted indoor units and ceiling cassettes.

Evaporative air conditioning is the option when 100% fresh air is required. Commonly used in commercial kitchens to provide cooling when massive exhaust systems are used. The air is drawn in to the building via the roof mounted or wall mounted cooler and cooled by circulating water through the air stream to provide cooling by increasing the humidity. The cool air is then distributed via ductwork to desired locations. In the home it works the best with doors and windows open.


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